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Twelve Apostles Direct - Daily

Departs 8.00am | Returns 4:30pm
Adult $110 | Child $82

The Great Ocean Road is the setting for a road-trip like no other. Stretching and winding alongside the Southern Ocean for nearly 250 kilometres, it is the world's largest war memorial. Built mostly by pick-axe and shovel by servicemen returned from the fronts after The Great War, it served not only to connect the remote and rugged areas of Western Victoria, but also as a prominent and lasting dedication to those fallen in the 'war to end all wars'.

The Twelve Apostles are a great highlight of this iconic stretch of road and rise imperiously over 200 feet out of the water. Formed by millions of years of sea erosion, no two trips to the Apostles are entirely the same as the cliff faces and the stacks themselves disappear at a rate of 2 cm a year. If you look carefully at the base of some of the cliff faces where the waves pound relentlessly you might even see some new Apostles being born.

There are no longer (if ever there were) 12 of these prehistoric and rugged monuments. One of them even collapsed into the sea in 2005 and in 1990 a monumental, naturally formed arch which connected two of the stacks to the mainland toppled ocean-wards, actually leaving two tourists stranded on the remaining Apostled. They had to be rescued by helicopter.

The Direct Tour is perfect for those with time constraints, allowing visitors to return to the city for meetings, dinner or evening flights.


Free restaurant lunch.
Pass through Winchelsea and inland Colac.
Cruise through Port Campbell.
See spectacular and rugged coastal views.
Experience the temperate rainforest of the Great Otoway National Park.
Listen to the stories of the shipwreck coast.
Take in the iconic Twelve Apostles.
View Loch Ard Gorge, Razorback, Island Arch and Gibson's Steps.
All National Park Fees included.

Trace the Southern Ocean from Geelong to Port Campbell along the whole Great Ocean Road.

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Cruise along the coast then soar through the treetops.
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