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Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning

Departs: Daily (weather dependant) | Returns: Approximately 4 hours after departure
Adult $350 | Child $270

What better way to see a city than from above? As the sun rises and as the city wakes and begins to come to life you can observe it all from the silence and peace of 3000 feet.

There very few cities in the world that can be see from this perspective and there is no better way to take in Melbourne.

In the growing light of dawn you can absorb the CBD, the icons of sport, culture and architecture, the parks, the suburbs and the landmarks in one fell sweep. Any Balloon ride is a remarkable experience, this one may well be a once in the lifetime...

Highlights & Inclusions

Approximately one hour hot air balloon ride.
Flight and ground insurance.
Flight certificate.
Luxury coach travel.
Sunrise over Melbourne.
Rare opportunity to traverse a major city by balloon.

AU$290 - See the early morning vineyards from an incredible perspective. 4+ people.

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