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Melbourne and Victorian Tours

Victoria is truly a state of contrast and, from Melbourne, you can experience all it has to offer with our great day, half day, overnight and extended tours.

One day you could be on a classic road-trip on The Great Ocean Road, hugging the coast of the Southern Ocean as you pass through temperate rainforest, rugged cliffs and sleepy old ports, and the next sampling some of the world's finest wines, cheeses and delicacies.

Immerse yourself in some of the most spectacular mountain ranges on the planet by climbing or hiking in the Grampians or skiing and snowboarding at Mount Buller.

Travel back to The Goldrush in the historic mining town of Ballarat, get to know Melbourne, Australia's chic, stylish and suave cultural hub or let us take you all the way to Sydney via Snowy River, historic Walhalla, Mount Ainslie, the Gippsland Lakes and more.

Whatever you want from Victoria, let World-Blue.com take you there.

AU$120 - Day tour along one of the most spectacular coastal roads to the 12 Apostles.
AU$110 - Wonder at the magnificent and ever changing rock stacks off the surf coast.
AU$125 - Enjoy a breathtaking ride across Buller's slopes in a winter wonderland
AU$170 - Throw on the complimentary snow-gear and have a toboggan race.
AU$255 - Challenging, rewarding and incredibly fun. Take the first steps to that amazing feeling of freedom on the slopes.
AU$240 - Mt. Buller has slopes perfect for beginners, improvers and off-pisters alike.
FROM AU$145 - Visit koalas, penguins and seal colonies just 90mins from Melbourne.
FROM AU$125 - Afternoon/Evening tour: ideal for those with limited time that want to meet the famous penguin parade.
AU$215 - Experience everything that this amazing island has to offer
AU$95 - All aboard for a classic journey through the Dandenongs
FROM AU$153 - Step back in time to the Gold Rush
AU$70 - Get the lowdown on Australia's cultural capital
AU$210 - What do you get if you cross a rainforest with a steam train and some penguins?
AU$153 - Discover Melbourne's fascinating history and see the sights. 4+ people.
AU$350 - Sunrise. Melbourne. Absolute peace at 2000 feet. What else is there to say? . 4+ people.
AU$290 - See the early morning vineyards from an incredible perspective. 4+ people.
AU$326 - Cruise along the coast then soar through the treetops. 4+ people.
AU$336 - Mysteries of Hanging Rock, Views from Mount Macedon and mineral waters from the ranges. 4+ people.
AU$376 - Visit the historic mining township deep in the Victorian Alps. Explore the gold mine and ride the the goldfields train. 4+ people.
AU$376 - The ultimate experience for wildlife lovers, feed pelicans, get up close with koalas, see the penguin parade and much more. 4+ people.
AU$336 - An all inclusive experience of life in the goldrush
AU$326 - Wine, cheese, chocolate, sea air and views from over a thousand feet.
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