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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a region of 1.7 million, and where most of the countries natural resources companies can be found. Perth is primarily a business oriented city, with its outer beachside areas suited more to leisure travellers.


A warm climate year round with long and uninterrupted beaches along its coast offer tourists an ideal year round holiday destination. For business travellers, Perth is accessible via the Perth International Airport, and around town the train, bus or cab system provides access to within the relatively compact city.

Perth is a vibrant, young city located on the far west coast of Australia. Interestingly Perth is also one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, given it is so far from any other major city. This remoteness makes a Perth holiday a little more expensive than other Australian cities, and hotels in Perth are usually quite expensive. Given this, hotels just outside of Perth city can offer great value for money, and are still within reach of many of Perths excellent attractions, including Adventure World, the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Concert Hall.

Hotels and apartments in Perth tend to be centered around Hay Street and St Georges Terrace. For business travellers, the main corporate area is around Central Park, near to the Perth underground and surrounding offices.

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A good serviced apartment option is the Somerset St Georges Terrace, offering studio and one bedroom serviced apartments in the city centre. Weekend rates are usually cheaper than weekday rates here.

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