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Great Southern Region

The Great Southern Region has long been a favourite destination for those in the know, though recently many more travellers and tourists are being lured to the dramatic area by its green and lush coastal cliffs, secluded and sheltered bays, white sands, characteristically delicate wines and historical country towns.

The region’s National Parks, vast ranges (as well as its expansive and remote back country) is teeming with wildlife and, in the right season, is decorated with hundreds of varieties of wildflower while the once thriving Whaling Industry has given way to some spectacularly reliable whale-watching outposts.

Flanked by the picture-postcard beauty of Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound, Albany is known for its many virtues. The drama of its coast, its neighbours, the migrating southern right and humpback whales as well as the perennial seals and dolphins, and for its rich history as the first European settlement in WA and as a launchpad for many hundreds of thousands of ANZAC troops in the First world War.

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If this were Albany’s sum total that would be enough. Now add dozens of galleries, numerous festivals celebrating everything from wine to art and literature, gourmet restaurants, characteristically delicate local wines, staggering views from Mounts Clarence and Melville, stretches of fine white beach where you can still feel isolated and a choice of national parks for bushwalking and camping and you have a truly heady mix.

Attractions and sites of interest and importance are dotted throughout this port-town. There is the old whaling station which, for the same reasons that the whalers chose it, is a great place to spot the migrating pods reaching, blowing and playing. Visit the replica of the Brig amity which arrived laden with European settlers and convicts or the old convict gaol or take a few moments at the ANZAC memorial where the first ever dawn service was held at the last part of Australia that many young men ever saw as they embarked on their passage to the fronts.

The Great Southern Region is a large a varied expanse that delivers the dramatic coastline of the Southern Ocean dotted with adorable seaside towns and backed by hundreds of kilometres of farmland, national parks, remote bush and award winning vineyards and wineries.

The region is also drenched in Australian history as the home of King George Sound, the first European Settlement in WA and as the home of Albany, the launching pad for many ANZACs making the long journey west during the Great War.

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The areas viticulture, which sprawls from The Porrongrups to Mount Barker, to Albany, to Denmark and Frankland River, of course holds many distractions and are truly marvellous destinations not just for lovers of the regions beautiful Reislings and Malbecs, but for gourmands and foodies alike with fresh and locally sourced produce abounding with self guided gourmet trails around virtually every bend.

Explore the great Southern towns of Albany, Katanning, Mount Barker and Denamrk, wander through farmer’s markets, discover a rich aboriginal heritage, spot rare flora and fauna near Ongerup or marvel at the power of the ocean as it sculpts towers and bridges from the granite cliffs of Torndirrup National Park.

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