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Located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia and just over 2,000km from Perth, Broome is a largely tourist destination offering its famous blue beaches against a backdrop of sandy desert.


Cable Beach is where most hotels and resorts can be found, ranging from 5 star resorts to budget style accommodation. Cruise Ships also dock at Broome and accommodation here offers an ideal first port of call to exploring the rest of Western Australia.

Broome is a coastal town on the northern coast of Western Australia in the Kimberley region, offering excellent resort style accommodation, with most hotels and resorts near the popular Cable Beach, about 7km from the town centre. Activities and attractions in Broome generally involve exploring the beautiful natural scenery, including taking a scenic flight to Horizontal Falls, or visiting the Broome Crocodile Park. Another popular attraction is the Broome Camel Safaris, one of the only places in Australia one can ride a camel on the beach. Dinosaur footprints are visible here also, at Gantheaume Point.

Broome is accessible by the Broome International Airport, a few minutes drive from the town itself.

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Accommodation in Broome ranges from 5 star resorts to backpackers accommodation. During high season which is late May to early September, accommodation is at its most expensive as tourists flock to the area to explore its stunning blue waters, pearling history, and aboriginal culture.;

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