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Hobart is located in Tasmania, a small island to the southernmost part of Australia. The region is small with around 220,000 people calling Hobart home. Hobart has a typically cooler climate with mild summers.


Hobart is a very relaxed city unlike the larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne; walking about the town feels like walking around an English village – with sandstone terraced homes and squares throughout. Located on the harbour, Hobart is centred around Salamander Bay and Constitution dock.

Hobart is an idyllic Victorian era city to the southernmost part off the Australian mainland. Its cool climate and sandstone buildings are reminiscent of England, and the architecture of the first Australian settlers in the 1800's. Today, Hobart is a cosmopolitan hidden gem, offering the conveniences of city living, along with the majestic and romantic feel of a by-gone world.

Why not visit the Museum of Old and New Art while enjoying the wineries in Berriedale peninsula, just outside of Hobart. Or see the majestic Theatre Royal in central Hobart, the oldest and longest running theatre in Australia. The River Derwent is also a must see, a river treelined with Oaks along its banks.

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To experience the real Hobart, head to North Hobart and discover its great bars and restaurants away from Salamanca Bay and Battery Point.

For a little more action, try laser skirmish, or horseriding tours.

Hotels in Hobart tend to be located towards Salamanca Bay area and central Hobart, and all of the city centre is easily walkable. Visitors will find simply walking around an attraction in itself.

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