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Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is home to some of Australia’s most spectacular natural attractions. Mostly desert and home to a large proportion of Australia’s native Aboriginal community, The Northern Territory is also the most northern mainland state and within easy proximity to Singapore and most other Asian cities.


Darwin the states capital is home to 127,000 people and is considered a very forward and cosmopolitan city, despite its size. Temperatures in Darwin and extremely warm – and for the most part the summer season is also the rainy season. Tourists tend to frequent Darwin in what is otherwise winter in the rest of Australia – to enjoy the warmer temperatures without the tropical rains.


The Northern territory also is home to the largest natural rock formation in the world at Uluru (Ayers Rock). Alice Springs is also a large inland settlement with a population of around 30,000.

Darwin famous for its hot climate and laid back city atmosphere offers an array of activities for the business or leisure traveller. The new Darwin waterfront precinct housing 2 hotels and the Darwin Entertainment Centre is a popular new destination in the city. The Darwin Fringe Festival and the Speargrass Festival is also popular draw card events held each year.

With a rather different feel to most other Australian cities, this isolated city does also provide easy access to major Asian hubs including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur given its location at the very northernmost part of Australia. Hotels and Apartments here are heavily booked in the dry season – however during the wet season availability is generally easier to find. Getting around Darwin is possible by bus or cab, and Darwin also offers an International airport. 

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Alice Springs is a renowned Aboriginal Art capital of Central Australia, where many Aboriginal Art galleries can be found. The Araluen Centre for Arts and Entertainment is also a popular performance arts centre.

Why not visit the MacDonnell Ranges, or take the Larapinta Trail to explore to real Australian outback. You could also visit the Alice Springs Reptile Centre to get up close to over 30 species of reptiles. For a view, you could always try Outback Balooning, and take in Alice Springs from inside a hot air balloon.;

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Uluru is a popular tourist attraction for exploration of Aboriginal culture and to take in the sights of the desert and Ayers rock formation itself. Whilst climbing of the rock is permitted, it is requested by the traditional land owners, The Aṉangu people, that visitors do not in order to respect their laws and culture, as the rock holds great spiritual significance.

Hotels and Apartments here are typically very expensive and 6 or so hotels operate in the area. Given its isolation from all major cities, general amenities are also considered expensive. The cheapest time to travel to Uluru (Ayers Rock) is December to March, as this is during the central desert summer, and temperatures are extremely hot, normally above 40 degrees celsius.

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