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Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is located an hours drive south of Sydney, and is a very popular holiday destination for those looking to escape Sydney and find a quieter country atmosphere known for its English countryside feel


Set amongst mountains, the climate within the Southern Highlands lends itself to the many English trees planted in its settlement, now shaping the Southern Highlands as a very leafy garden region.

The Southern Highlands region is just an hour and a half drive south of Sydney, however it feels like you have been taken back in time, and to countryside England. The Southern Highlands is covered with old English deciduous trees and stunning English gardens are all over the 3 main towns that make up the region.

Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale makeup the main commercial centres of the Southern Highlands. If it is a countryside escape you are after amongst beautiful parklands, vineyards and small villages, then the Southern Highlands is the perfect location.

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Bowral is the main village in the region where you will find many of the grand estates and gardens both public and private. They include Corbett Gardens, Red Cow Farm, Harpers Mansion and Sturt to name a few.

Bowral is a unique historical area located in the Southern Highlands Region. It is an hour and a half drive south of Sydney, and is the most popular destination for travellers to the area.

Bowral is renowned for its typically English atmosphere – with tree lined streets, cafes and antique stores abound. Weekend visitors from Sydney enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, boutique hotels and antique markets and shops that line the streets. Bowral is also home to the Don Bradman museum, one of Australia’s most famed cricketers.

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Hotels are limited in Bowral and accommodation is usually heavily booked on weekends. The best location to be in is around Bong Bong Street if you would like to be within walking distance to the town centre, of further out if you would like to be staying in a manor hotel or amongst the vineyards or many acreages.

Mittagong is located in the Southern Highlands, one of the first townships when driving south from Sydney. It is a small village that is part of the larger Highlands area, and is a popular weekend destination for many Sydney residents looking for a country escape.

The areas shopping is oriented towards boutique stores and antique dealers. The environment is typical of the English countryside – with large established trees and a relaxed atmosphere. During the Spring time many of the private gardens in the area are open to the public.

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Hotels and apartments here are limited and mostly boutique hotels. There are some budget hotels up top 4 star quality, with both single, couple and family accommodation available. The main commercial area in Mittagong is around the Old Hume Highway and Bowral road intersections, where you will find the Southern Highlands tourist centre and the main street of cafes, antique stores and attractions.

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