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Shoalhaven is located just south of the Illawarra Region, around a 3 hour drive from Sydney in a southerly direction. Shoalhaven is known for its relaxed country and beachside towns, including Nowra, Berry, Kangaroo Valley and Sussex Inlet.


These popular tourist destinations are especially heavily booked in summer months, with many family vacations especially during the school holiday period. With a population of around 100,000 – this almost doubles during peak season, with tourist enjoying the generally unspoilt beaches and quiet surrounding towns, whilst only being a short drive from Sydney and Wollongong.

The Shoalhaven is a region on the South Coast of New South Wales and one of the hidden gems of Australia with many pristine beaches mostly untouched by visitors and not as busy as other areas such as Wollongong or Sydney. Great attractions in this region include Jervis Bay and Huskisson - both seaside villages with a small town feel - just a few shops and a relaxing atmosphere.

If its a little bit of countryside you are after, why not travel to Berry or Nowra, where you will find some great antique stores, little boutique bed and breakfasts, and relaxed locals. The Shoalhaven area is great if you would like to take a cooking class, see the dolphins with Dolphin Wild Cruises, or explore the historic ruins of the Cape St George Lighthouse.

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Visitors will find the largest concentration of hotels and cabins around Huskisson, Vincentia, Nowra and Jervis Bay.

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