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Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains, called as such because of the blue haze that is created through the mountains, is an hour and a half drive from Sydney and an ideal holiday escape.


Hotels here tend to be unique and boutique – most 4 star or above and offering facilities catering mostly to couples, and some apartment hotels with family facilities. Many come to explore the Mountains themselves through various lookouts, the cable car, or to climb them.

The Blue Mountains Region is a collection of small villages that make up the beautiful Blue Mountains, a large mountain range known for its 'blue haze' through the treetops. This is a very popular holiday spot being so close to the city yet seemingly so far removed, with a very laid back village atmosphere and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

There are a range of activities to enjoy, or you could just simply relax and explore the boutique shops and restaurants in the villages that go up the mountain. The main commercial centre is Katoomba. Other areas include Leura and Wentworth Falls.

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Whether you want to climb the mountains (the shortest trip would be to go down only, taking around 3 hours, and catch the funicular back up again), or simply relax in a cafe, the Blue Mountains is ideal for that relaxing escape. Most hotels are boutique style and offer singles, couples ans limited family accommodation.

Katoomba is a town located in the Blue Mountains, renowned for its scenic mountain ranges, and array of activities based around it. Here you will find the Three Sisters rock formation, the Katoomba scenic railway, and all of the walking tracks and lookouts around the town.

Katoomba can experience snowfall during the winter months and many of the mountains are capped with ice and frost during this time. Katoomba is host to many hotels, most often boutique and bed and breakfast options. Most are located near the town centre – which offers an array of cafes, restaurants, galleries, bars and shopping.

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Katoomba is also home to Scenic World, a large tourist complex where you will find the scenic railway, which is the steepest funicular in the world. You'll have to hold on tight as this is extremely steep, and you can only enjoy the views if your eyes are open!

Leura, located in the Blue Mountains, is one of the towns that make up the Blue Mountains string of towns and villages. Leura is around a 2 hour drive from Sydney and is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty and activities.

The Everglades Gardens offer 5 hectares of gardens to explore. Leura is also known as the garden village – with many homes in the area taking pride in the gardens evident when driving through the village. The main attraction being the Blue Mountains themselves offers various lookouts – including Sublime Point and Leura Falls. Hotels here are usually boutique, bed and breakfast style hotels, with some 5 and 4 star hotels available.

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The Alexandra Hotel is a great local pub and a must see - check out the balcony at the back of the pub for fantastic views over the mountains whilst enjoying a meal or a drink.

Wentworth Falls is one of the major towns located within the Blue Mountains, and is approximately 2 hours drive west of Sydney. Wentworth falls is renowned for its natural scenery and blue haze over the mountain ranges. The destination is very popular over weekend and books out well in advance.

The small township caters well to tourist visitors looking to explore the mountains and its activities, and includes restaurants, boutique shopping and cafes. Hotels in Wentworth falls are generally small and boutique, and cater for all kinds of travellers. Rates tend to be highest over weekends and public holidays. Many hotels offer rooms with views over the mountain ranges

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Wentworth Falls also offers some amazing historic aboriginal sites, including Kings Tableland Aboriginal Site, being over 22,000 years old. This site is important for the Darug, Wiradjuri and Gandangara people.

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