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Events in South Australia

South Australia is known as 'the festival state' for a reason...

Driving around South Australia, you will quickly notice on all number plates 'South Australia - The Festival State'. This is not without merit - South Australia has a proud history of arts and cultural festivals held throughout the year, and has some of the best indoor and outdoor venues to cater to all kinds of music, arts and culture festivities.

The Adelaide Festival is an annual festival featuring opera, literature and the visual arts. Held in February and March each year, it even has a nightclub at night with some of the world best DJ's - this isn't any ordinary festival, but a cultural icon unknown to any other state in Australia.

Hotels in Adelaide are a plenty, from 5 star luxury hotels, serviced apartments, and budget hotels and hostels. Adelaide is an easily navigable city, with the tram and grid system of the city similar to that of many American cities. Or, if your on a business trip staying in a hotel in the city, head down to the Adelaide Night Market on the last Sunday of every month, with everything from street food to jewellery. Or if you're stuck in a hotel on Friday night, why not go down to Adelaide East End, where you'll find markets, stalls and food on every street corner and a great city buzz to match.

Love Films? Why not head to the French Film Festival held in Adelaide until the 8th April, of its its's art and culture, head to The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art held in April. Or if it's an entire experience you're after - take a holiday in Adelaide during March for the Adelaide Fringe 2014.

During March you better book your hotel or apartment early - as the Rocky Horror Picture Show is in town for a short season during March, so book two bedroom apartment for the family well in advance. Lastminute deals are generally not available especially over busy weekends.

Annual September Festival offering 2 weeks of cultural exploration 12 - 28 September 2014.
Adelaide isn't always pretty - it can get dirty.

South Australia - with a population of just 1.6 million sure packs a punch when it comes to great holiday destinations, events and attractions. Adelaide is the capital city and hosts more cultural events annually than most other cities in Australia, and is well known as 'the festival state'. Just a few hours flight from Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide has a great beach side area called Glenelg, with a host of luxury hotels on the beach, as well as plenty of cheap backpackers and budget accommodation in Adelaide itself, just 30 minutes tram from Glenelg. Adelaide is also a busy commercial hub especially in the medical and services industries, with many business hotels around Victoria Square and Hindmarsh Square in the city. Accommodation options range from 5 star hotels, serviced apartments offering up to two bedroom apartments for families, down to budget hotels and hostels.

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