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Phantom Falls | cheap hotel rates guaranteed on world blue.com

Phantom Falls

There's something about events that are curated by mother nature, isn't there? Something that makes them so much more special and so much more, in the truest sense of the word, awesome than your average gig, show, festival or fair. These are the greatest shows on Earth and have record breaking running-times that blow 25 or 50 years of film or book festivals and even over a century-worth of Lions Tours of clear out of the pond! We're talking opening nights and performances from time immemorial here and they don't look like they're slowing up!

This particular wave of nature's wand takes the breathtaking backdrop of The Blue Mountains in NSW as its stage and, although performance times are never published or shared on twitter, they are most likely to occur in Spring from September to November and in Autumn from March to May.

The ghostly phenomenon that is Phantom Falls is caused by the air in the Jamison Valley being warmed by the sun and rising, thus meeting the cooler air in the Megalong Valley. When this happens on days with high humidity the resulting mist and clouds create a waterfall effect which slowly and eerily falls over the cliff and into the Jamison Valley.

These 'falls' can stretch to nearly a kilometre wide and fifty metres deep and can fall for anything from a few minutes or a few hours depending on the humidity of the day. An even rarer and priveledged sight is to see the result of the inverse conditions; the falls running backwards and creeping back up the cliff face at night-time, lit only by the light of a full moon.

But of course if you don't fancy it I'm sure there's a new teen comedy film or something coming out...

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