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Sydney Harbour Cruises | New Year's Eve 2017/18
Open bars, canapes, DJs, live bands and dance floors with the best views in town of the greatest show on earth. What more could you want?

AU $550.00/ticket - Two level catamaran with wrap-around deck for 360 views.
AU $650.00/ticket - 360 degree views with DJ and dancefloor.
AU $650.00/ticket - Stylish open top roof-deck and glass walls for unbeatable views.
AU $949.00/ticket - A famous and historic tall ship with heaps atmopshere and character.
AU $950/ticket - The historic Southern Swan travelled the world before calling Sydney her home.
AU $490.00/ticket SOLD OUT
Contact us for up to 25, 50 or 70 guests per vessel

Sydney Harbour Cruises on New Year's Eve 2017/18


Up to and over six hours of cruising.
Open Bars.
Substantial canapés.
Choose to party or relax in comfort and style.
DJs and dancing.
Live bands.
Be a part of the 'Harbour of Lights Parade'.
Get the best view on the planet of the greatest NYE show on Earth.


Where else on the planet screams New Year's Eve quite as loudly and proudly as Sydney?

It is, without question, the home of the the most spectacular, breathtaking and ooh-aah-inspiring fireworks display anywhere in the world. Broadcast internationally to millions, it is the biggest public event on earth and is where Sydneysiders and visitors alike will ring in a NYE like no other with it's iconic centrepieces; the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

There are 70 vantage points around the city that cater to a variety of needs. Some have bars, a couple are BYO and many are dry-sites. Some serve some food and some have entertainment throughout the day. Some cost to enter and some are a heaving, living, breathing mass of celebration but all are the various homes of over 1.6 million people trying to grab themselves the best possible view from the foreshore. Most will be shoulder-to-shoulder hours before the main event and, although there are a several spots around the Harbour that set-off fireworks, there really is only one focal point.

Of course, everyone wants to see the fireworks with an unobstructed view and everyone wants to be in the heart of the celebrations. No-one wants to miss a single thing and there really is only one place where that can happen in style and comfort without feeling like you're missing the party; floating in the Harbour itself!

On these lavish and beautiful floating parties with canapés, cocktails, live music and DJs, you don't only get the best view of the action but you're actually a part of it. The 'Harbour of Lights Parade' is an annual highlight of the evening of festivities that precedes midnight and that sees specially invited vessels from the Sydney Heritage Fleet to the the Tribal Warrior Association, decorated with thousands of lights and joining together to make a flotilla and parade under the Harbour Bridge.

From here you will float into position to the exclusive section of the Harbour, stroll between the open bar, the free canapés, the dance floor and the sofas until midnight comes. And when it does...well, you get the picture.

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