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Sydney Opera House Events and Festivals


What are you after? Food? Wine? Sport? Comedy? Music? Art? Australia hosts hundreds of world class events all year round. Whether you want the music to course through your veins or to soothe the savage beast, whether you’re more Mardis Gras or Melbourne Cup there is an Australian event for you. So soak up the culture at literature and jazz festivals, revel in the spectacle of Vivid Sydney or scream at your team from the stands. We don’t mind which you choose but, here at World-Blue, we’ve brought together heaps of unbeatable hotel deals at events across the nation to make it easy for you to get involved!

Experience rugged Tasmania with Raw Challenges and more
Canberra is way more fun than just Parliament House...explore the 100 year Centenary.
Whether it's Bon Jovi or Oz Asia - Adelaide has a festival for everyone.
Harbour - Bridge - Fireworks. Need we say more?
The Melbourne Cup needs no further introduction.
It's getting hot and heavy in Brisbane with the Brisbane Obstacle Races.
Perth is far away...and they obviously like to get dirty.
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